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Research methods: Learning to become a critical research consumer. Jaime Escalante is an outstanding example of excellence and dedication.

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  • Excessive venery, masturbation and continence. The etiology, pathology and treatment of the diseases resulting from venereal excesses, masturbation and continence.
  • The State of Psychiatry (Psychology Revivals): Essays and Addresses.

This is the story of his entire career, including the development of the teaching techniques that got such brilliant results from the desperate students of gang-ridden Garfield High in East Los Angeles. The literature assumes that visual analysts will be conservative judges.

They show that previous research into visual analysis has not adequately examined false alarm and miss rates or the effect of serial dependence. Matyas, T. This research use this dynamic equation, but here they examine multivariate psychological change data using the 20th century developments of latent variable structural equation modeling. McArdle, J.

The State of Psychiatry (Psychology Revivals): Essays and addresses

Dynamic but structural equation modeling of repeated measures data. The book reviews several available software packages for the analysis of time series data and the use of interactive software. McCleary, R. In a large sample of children from the general population this research found no association between parent, teacher, and self-reports of ADDH behaviors and a history of allergic disorders asthma, eczema, rhinitis, and urticaria at ages 9 or 13 years.

McGee, R. Allergic disorders and attention deficit disorder in children. Developed a fidelity index of program implementation for assertive community treatment ACT. In Study 1, 20 experts rated the importance of 73 elements proposed as critical ACT ingredients, also indicating ideal model specifications for elements.

McGrew, J. Measuring the fidelity of implementation of a mental health program model. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 62 4 , As a method for representing development, latent trait theory is presented in terms of a statistical model containing individual parameters and a structure on both the first and second moments of the random variables reflecting growth. Meredith, W. Latent curve analysis. The stability and validity of early adolescents' reports of 6 parenting constructs were examined: parent—child conflict, positive family relations, parental monitoring, parents' rule making, consistent enforcement of rules, and use of positive reinforcement.

Metzler, C. The stability and validity of early adolescents' reports of parenting constructs. A variety of researches are examined from the standpoint of information theory. It is shown that the unaided observer is severely limited in terms of the amount of information he can receive, process, and remember.

However, it is shown that by the use of various techniques, e. Miller, G. The magical number seven, plus or minus two: Some limits on our capacity for processing information. This book discusses major mental disorders in a question-and-answer format. It offers information about treatment decisions and the pros and cons of a particular treatment.

This books helps people understand the issues involved when working with a mental health professional. Nathan, P. Treating mental disorders: A guide to what works.

Contemporary Perspectives on Spirituality and Mental Health

The NAEP glossary of terms. National Research Council. Scientific research in education. National Academies Press. This book describes the similarities and differences between scientific inquiry in education and scientific inquiry in other fields and disciplines and provides a number of examples to illustrate these ideas. Nesselroade, J. Handbook of multivariate experimental psychology. This article covers current efforts by the National Institute of Mental Health to bridge this gap.

Included are discussions of problems with the current research portfolio and new efforts in expanding the research portfolio, innovative methodological research, and expansion of training programs.

Norquist, G. Expanding the frontier of treatment research. Article ID 1a. This text considers the measurement problems that arise in areas of psychology, education, and areas of business such as management and marketing. This study has two separate but related purposes: 1 to delineate cross-sectional differences among U. O'Malley, P. Effects of minimum drinking age laws on alcohol use, related behaviors and traffic crash involvement among American youth: This article reviews the impact of physician-delivered smoking interventions on smokers, physician attitudes toward intervention, and physicians' reported intervention practices.

Ockene, J.

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Physician-delivered interventions for smoking cessation: strategies for increasing effectiveness. Education at a Glance: OECD Indicators ofers a rich, comparable and up-to-date array of indicators that relect a consensus among professionals on how to measure the current state of education internationally. A report prepared by the board that governs the National Assessment of Educational Progress cautions that measuring an achievement gap does not come down to a single statistic.

Olson, L. Testing experts develop new method of presenting achievement gap data. Education Week, 21 26 , Parsonson, B. The visual analysis of data, and current research into the stimuli controlling it. Clients completed a problem self-rating and the Brief Symptom Inventory BSI at intake, 10 weeks later, and 5 months later. Pekarik, G. Relationship of satisfaction to symptom change, follow-up adjustment, and clinical significance.

Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 27 2 , Project Northland is an efficacy trial with the goal of preventing or reducing alcohol use among young adolescents by using a multilevel, communitywide approach. Perry, C.

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Project Northland: outcomes of a communitywide alcohol use prevention program during early adolescence. It is argued that the design of contemporary psychotherapy outcome studies is conceptually incompatible with the models of psychotherapy evaluated in those studies. Persons, J. Psychotherapy outcome studies do not accurately represent current models of psychotherapy: A proposed remedy. A discussion of this chapter entitled "Dissemination of What, and to Whom? Kohlenberg follows this chapter.

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Why practicing psychologists are slow to adopt empirically-validated treatments. Hayes, V. Follette, R. Grady Eds. This award-winning twelve-volume reference covers every aspect of the ever-fascinating discipline of psychology and represents the most current knowledge in the field. This ten-year revision now covers discoveries based in neuroscience, clinical psychology's new interest in evidence-based practice and mindfulness, and new findings in social, developmental, and forensic psychology.

Pianta, R. Handbook of psychology: Educational psychology. In this provocative and persuasive new book, the author asserts that the secret to high performance and satisfaction-at work, at school, and at home—is the deeply human need to direct our own lives, to learn and create new things, and to do better by ourselves and our world. Teacher turnover occurs during and at the end of the school year, although documentation of within-year turnover currently rests on anecdotal evidence. Redding, C. New evidence on the frequency of teacher turnover: Accounting for within-year turnover.

The authors report on descriptive evidence of growing differences in the characteristics of alternatively and traditionally certified teachers and the schools in which they teach. Easy in, easy out: Are alternatively certified teachers turning over at increased rates?. This chapter describe and contrast different paradigms for the design and delivery of school psychological services, analyze problems in the traditional delivery system, and review major policy and reform statements. The chapter concludes with a discussion of the knowledge base, underlying principles, and strategies that form the basis for psychological services that emphasize problem solving, functional assessment, and educational accountability.

The criteria for empirically supported treatments, as described by Lonigan, Elbert, and Johnson this issue , were applied to reports of eight treatment efficacy studies published in peer-reviewed journals. Rogers, S. Empirically supported comprehensive treatments for young children with autism. Describes treatment of autism, a severe, chronic developmental disorder that results in significant lifelong disability for most persons, with few persons ever functioning in an independent and typical lifestyle.