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Honor and Treachery: As the religious divide deepens, Minou and Piet find themselves trapped in Toulouse, facing new dangers as tensions ignite across the city—and a feud that will burn across generations begins to blaze. So is her ability to bring to life an extraordinarily complex conflict and era, as well as a vast cast of both fictional and historical figures. Her heroine Minou is a pleasure to root for: clever, loving, down-to-earth and courageous!

Nobody does it like Kate Mosse. A masterly tour of history; a rapturous romance; and—best of all—a breathless thriller, alive with treachery, danger, atmosphere, and beauty. This book will transport you.

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Kate Mosse is that rarest of writers: a storyteller who breathes fresh life into vanished worlds. Mosse brings vividly to life the mounting strains in a community filled with fear and mutual mistrust. Readers will eagerly await the sequels, which will chart how the feuding plays out over the next few centuries. Mosse has successfully cornered the Midi market.

‘I write about the “us” of the past’

Kate Mosse captures the details of life in the Languedoc region of France, famed for its beauty, but hiding many secrets, in this masterful novel. A masterful novel that will keep one reading for into the night. The next entry to this series can't come too soon. Mosse has an instinctive feel for narrative momentum The Burning Chambers is a tour de force, a compelling adventure that views the past with insight, compassion, and humor, and reminds us of the variety of women's voices so often forgotten in the official accounts.

Despite my confusion, and I admit to being confused in parts for two-thirds of the book, I read on because Mosse is an expert storyteller who spins a tale and reels you in so you sit up late at night reading just one more chapter. Sometimes though, I wished she would cut some of the detail. This is a story of religious war, of prejudice and violence, of loyalty and love, and principally a woman and a man who find themselves on opposite sides of the religious divide. Minou Joubert is a Catholic, the daughter of a bookseller who believes in selling books of all faiths for everyone to buy freely.

That same day, fate crosses her path as Huguenot convert Piet Reydon flees capture. Letter forgotten, Minou and her young brother Aimeric are sent to Toulouse for their safety. Toulouse seems more dangerous than Carcassonne or is the danger following Minou? Minou is a great heroine and I await the next installment of the series with curiosity. The Prologue and Epilogue hint that this is not a standalone book, set in in South Africa, a woman is seeking answers in a graveyard.

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Is this the beginning of book two? Mridula G, Reviewer. The plot has two major protagonists- Minou and Piet. Set amidst the war between Catholics and Protestants during The Roman Empire the s , it is also about their individual lives and their struggles.

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France has chaos all around. The Catholics and the Protestants are craving for freedom- the oppressor and the oppressed in this case. Weapons are being smuggled as war looks inevitable. Piet- a Huguenot is in hiding and is silently plotting his revenge against the Catholic monarch well, it is safe to say he has his reasons.

Another wealthy woman is looking for a will that could make her richer and a priest is looking for ways to climb the ranks of the church. Mosse captures the turmoil in the city in a very delicate manner.

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The rising tension between the two sects and the subsequent riots are brilliantly captured through words. The story has been written from a neutral perspective and the plot is gripping, with secrets lurking at every corner. The writing certainly has a hint of thrill throughout, even though it gets very slow at times. The slow pace also helps us to know the characters better. While each character has a distinct past, it is difficult to ascertain who is loyal and who will eventually betray their master. Betrayal, greed, and ambition are recurring themes throughout the plot. And within all that is a love- so pure and honest, it filled me with joy.

It is a story of wars, betrayals, love, and family. An extremely well-put book that is the first in a series of books. Vera C, Reviewer.

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I really enjoyed Labyrinth by Kate Mosse and was really looking forward to reading her new book, The Burning Chambers. I must admit I did not enjoy it as much as I did some of her previous books, this may have been perhaps due to a very slow start, that almost made me stop reading several times. Once you get past the slow beginning, the book is very atmospheric as it takes us to the 16th century and we get to experience those terrifying religious wars yet again. Many thanks to both the author and the publisher for the ARC of this book. Lynn W, Reviewer. Once again, The Burning Chambers takes us to the Languedoc region of France and plunges us into the middle of the religious wars between the Catholics and the Huguenots.

This is a fascinating historical period and one that the author is clearly knowledgeable and enjoys writing about. The blurb for the book is here if you want more information about the book or author. What I particularly enjoyed about this book was the writing style and the way Mosse evokes the period with descriptions of everyday life. These were frightening times. Neighbour speaking out against neighbour and the fear and tension so heightened that almost anything could be taken the wrong way.

People lived in fear, unable to trust anyone, and that really comes across here. I felt that once again Mosse gave us a strong and easy to like female character. Minou has her head screwed on well.

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She loves her family and will take risks in order to protect them. I had no problem in finding myself drawn to Minou and being scared about what would happen to her as she ran head first into danger.

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  4. Alongside Minou is another female character, something of a religious zealot who thinks that God speaks to her. This woman will go to great lengths to achieve her aims and in fact I was surprised by just how single minded and ruthless she was. In terms of criticisms. Nothing that prevented me from enjoying the read but I would mention that this feels more like historical romance, there is an element of mystery involved, particularly in terms of family secrets, but I felt like the unlikely romance between two people from different religious stances stole the limelight a little. Overall, this delivered exactly what I expected and wanted.

    An entertaining historical read, wonderfully evocative and a read that I was able to sink into and enjoy. I received a copy through Netgalley, courtesy of the publisher, for which my thanks. The above is my own opinion. Roger T, Reviewer. Nowhere near as good as this authors Labyrinth. It jumped about far too much and I didn't really get a good sense of the characters or care much about them.