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I didn't come here to harangue you. Are you going to allow her to harangue me?

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When the chief said don't harangue Dr. B ley, what do you think he meant? And if you threaten them with calling their parents or harangue them with jail time, they'll talk! And I do not appreciate your coming all the way across the country to harangue me about the fact that your prize pony didn't get a ribbon!

Do not, and I repeat, do not harangue her. I'm not here to harangue you. It's not a big deal, but I just don't want to have a big harangue about it.

Translation of "harangue" in Russian

Right, 'cause the four-hour harangue - on the way here wasn't enough. I'm not one of those women who nag and harangue.

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Please, don't harangue me about stuff that's way, way, down It should not be a two and a half hour harangue of your third cousin describing her mailman's liposuction. Rothstein followed several They care very little for the bureaucratic harangue that the United Nations "system-wide coherence" has been addressed and enhanced, important as that may be for some professional diplomats. After the lies, slander, fabrications and insults promulgated in your statement on 6 May, we regret to have to tell you that you have no moral ground to harangue Cuba on this subject, still less to do so in a threatening tone and language. Either list can be mined for analogous meanings. Some require no annotation, while others should be introduced carefully in context or even glossed; which approach to take depends on the content and its audience.

Agitprop : artistic political propaganda, from a truncated form of the Russian forms of the words agitation and propaganda 2.

Learn 20 Russian words at once! How to learn Russian vocabulary fast

Beluga : a type of whale or sturgeon 5. Commissar : an official 7. Dacha : a country house 9. Duma : a legislative body Gulag : originally an acronym for a Soviet-era system of forced-labor camps; it now can refer to any repressive or coercive environment or situation Intelligentsia : the intellectual elite of a society, from the English word intelligent Kopeck : a Russian coin Mammoth : a prehistoric mammal, and, by extension, a synonym for massive Menshevik : the name of the minority Communist faction in Tsarist Russia, originally in power briefly after the Russian Revolution but defeated by the Bolsheviks Pogrom : originally, violent persecution of Jews in Russia; now, any officially sanctioned attack on a particular group Politburo : the Soviet-era primary source of government policy decisions, a truncation of the Russian forms of the words political and bureau Ruble : the basic unit of Russian currency Sable : a mammal related to the weasel whose sleek black coat was long prized as a clothing material, and, by extension, a synonym for black Samizdat : prohibited literature produced clandestinely Samovar : an urn for heating tea Sputnik : a traveling companion; also, the name given to a series of Soviet-era satellites, the first objects launched into space Taiga : the far northern coniferous forests of both Asia and North America, from a Turkish or Mongolian word Troika : a carriage or sleigh pulled by three horses, or a triumvirate a ruling or administrative trio.

Druzhina : a unit of bodyguards and elite troops Glavlit : the Soviet-era government censorship agency Izba : a log house Knout : a whip used in punishment Konyushy : an official responsible for horses used in ceremonies Kulak : a well-off farmer Lishenets : a disenfranchised group Matryoshka : a set of Russian nesting dolls Muzhik : a peasant Narkompros : a Soviet-era agency responsible for education and culture, later called the Ministry of Enlightening Prikaz : originally, a bureaucratic position; later, an administrative directive Propiska : a Tsarist regulation requiring subjects to remain in their hometown Rasputitsa : spring and fall periods in which, because of heavy snow or rain, unpaved roads are impassable possibly related to the name of Rasputin Sambo : a form of martial arts Silovik : the elite Spetsnaz : special-forces soldiers Tamizdat : prohibited literature produced outside the country Tovarishch : a companion or fellow traveler; used as a direct form of address in the Soviet Union, equivalent to comrade Ukase : a decree; refers specifically to a government proclamation or generically to an arbitrary command Ushanka : a fur cap with ear flaps Zek : an inmate.

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Many English words have been appropriated by the Russian language too. You are not a linguist, are you? Cossack is a Ukrainian word and it was adopted in English long ago. We need more of this, looking at how words are formed and what they mean in other languages can also stoke the entomology fires when it comes to developing your own language for novels and fiction.

Udarnik … super-productive worker like stakhanovite Otlichnik … outstanding person. Otlichnik in russian is a person who is really good at smth. There would be very few languages totally unrepresented in the English language which has been very hospitable to any new word that adds the name of a thing or a concept to the language.

Almost the entire stock of medieval French was added to English during the Norman period and the three centuries of French domination that followed. The list of Russian is actually quite small, a reflection of the fact that there has been comparatively little physical contact between Russians and anglophones over the centuries. That may change in the future.

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Agitprop is a wonderful word and its Russian connotations with a police state are what gives it its force in English. Because of all the immigrant words in English, that language must have by far the biggest vocabulary on the planet and it grows at a phenomenal rate. Wow, that was really unexpected! Rasputitsa: spring and fall periods in which, because of heavy snow or rain, unpaved roads are impassable possibly related to the name of Rasputin. The last part is fun! Although I suppose his name can have its origine related to the term, but definitely not the other way round!