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French postcodes consist of five numbers written without any spaces. The postcode is written before the name of the town or village which should be written in capital letters. In business correspondence abbreviations of titles M.

Numéros en texte intégral

Note that the first name is always given in full, even in business correspondence. Avenue, Road, Street, etc. Par ailleurs, les adresses comportent parfois des virgules et un point final. During the working day, a break in the morning for co ee usually is une pause. Beer-drinking is more of a Northern and Eastern French tradition. Restaurants close between lunch and dinner, but in brasseries food is served throughout the day.

The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy

Eating a sandwich at the desk is not a favoured way of eating. Schoolchildren usually eat in the cantine school canteen. Post o ces open Monday to Saturday 12 noon, and banks Monday to Saturday till 5 p. These hours may vary depending where you are in the country the hotter the climate the longer the afternoon closure. Most high street bank branches have cash dispensers on the street or in a secured room accessible at any time. O ce hours tend to be a little less exible than in those countries, generally 8 till France has no bank holidays in the British sense, but many days formerly important for religious observance now count as holidays and may, if they fall close to a weekend, encourage employers to grant workers a long weekend or pont.

For residents Residents may live in a maison or a pavillon house or an appartement at or studio bedsit. The description F1, F2, F3, etc. Now that those residing in France use a computerised card la carte Vitale for their health expenditure, reimbursement is automatic. For EU visitors to France, it is still necessary to pay, but the EU form allows them to claim their money back once home. Non-European visitors need private insurance.

A dispensaire, publicly or privately funded, practises social medicine free or at low cost to the patients. EMERGENCY In case of emergency, if anywhere but in a large city, call the pompiers the re brigade, phone number 18 , who will deal with medical issues and take patients to les urgences the accident and emergency department at the nearest hospital.

A magnetic card system operates for regular users le passe Navigo. Occasional travellers can buy tickets by the unit or books of tickets un carnet de tickets. Some types of tickets can be printed at home, while others can be collected from a machine on the station concourse. Many types of passes and concessions are available. Cependant ces lignes servent surtout au transport de marchandises. To check that you have dialled the right number.

Est-ce que je peux lui transmettre un message? Je lui demande de vous rappeler? Merci beaucoup. Au revoir, madame.

Chroniques - Persée

Je vous le passe. Souhaitez-vous patienter ou rappeler plus tard? Est-ce que je peux prendre un message?

Au revoir. Can I give her a message? Could you tell her that Fred rang? Shall I ask her to ring you back? Could I speak to Tom, please? I think you must have the wrong number. Could I have extension , please? Ou : Could you put me through to extension , please?

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Linda speaking. How may I help you? Would you like to hold? Would you like to continue holding or would you like to call back later? Thank you for calling. Poids et mesures anglo-saxons Longueur 1 inch in. Certes, mais. My name is Robert Green Bonjour! Au revoir, Mike! Bonne nuit, dors bien! Je vous souhaite un bon retour!

UK Salut! Comment oses-tu me parler sur ce ton! Attends un peu que je l attrape!

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What a fantastic goal! What do you advise me to do? What would you do in my place? Can you come to the party?

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Would it be possible for you to lend me 10 euros? Will she be able to keep the secret? I accept your apology, but. Will you take a cheque? Did she say yes to your offer? I m going to get angry! How dare you speak to me in that tone of voice! That s the limit! Do you want to know what I think? How old are you? He s old enough to be my father!

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Has the boss given his blessing to the project? Don t you believe it! I m so happy I want to shout it from the rooftops! I m terribly sorry, but. I don t want any excuses!