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To this proposition I gladly assented, and we set off together. An hour later, satiated with the beauty of what I had seen, and feeling as if I had known the man beside me all my life, I bade him good-bye upon the steps, and prepared to return to the spot where my horse was waiting for me. Guy Newell Boothby.

Free Download. A selection of eight sensational crime stories, featuring the gentleman's rogue Simon Carne. In outward appearance he was exactly what a body servant should be, of medium height, scrupulously neat, clean shaven, and with a face as devoid of expression as a blank wall. When he had left the room again my host immediately turned to me. Editor's choice view all. The House of Closed Doors. Rise of the River Man. The Lone Dragon Knight. The Dead and the Missing. Love in a Small Town.

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Coinage of Commitment. Telegram For Mrs. Popular books in Thriller. The Woman in White. The Phantom of the Opera. The After House.

The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds : - The Prince of Swindlers

The Thirty-Nine Steps. The Most Dangerous Game. The Attic Murder. The Angel of Terror.

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Jack O'Judgment. Mysterious Mr. The Eye of Osiris. Arsene Lupin vs Herlock Sholmes. More books by Guy Newell Boothby view all. My Strangest Case. The Duchess of Wiltshire's Diamonds. Farewell, Nikola. The upper crust dialogue is fun, but this kind of thing is not really my bag. Sep 14, Varad rated it liked it.

I noticed this book in the library and it caught my eye for two reasons: it was short and it was a Penguin Classic, two traits which are always strong recommendations. I'd never heard of Boothby before and I'm sure most readers of this book were similarly ignorant, so Penguin deserves credit for rescuing Boothby and Simon Carne from oblivion. Carne is the gentleman thief who is the eponymous "prince of swindlers" of this collection of six tales — short stories, really.

Carne is living alone well I noticed this book in the library and it caught my eye for two reasons: it was short and it was a Penguin Classic, two traits which are always strong recommendations. Carne is living alone well, alone except for his valet and servants in the Indian countryside when the earl of Amberley, the Viceroy of India, rides onto the grounds of the palace he's staying in.

Charmed by the beautiful and refined hunchback, who is apparently living in isolation in order to research a book on Indian art and pottery, Amberley invites Carne to visit him the next time he is in England.

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Carne takes up the invitation because he knows Amberley will introduce him to high society. Whereupon the fox will not be only guarding the chicken coop, he'll be inside it. Once in England, Carne embarks on a series of schemes which finds him stealing a famous diamond necklace, arranging the theft of a horse so his own can win the most important race of the season, filching the wedding gifts at a wedding, swindling the proceeds of a charity campaign, and swimming off with a visiting royal's best gold plate.

He also manages to thwart a Fenian plot, pocketing the Fenians' operating fund of nearly fifty thousand pounds in the process. He even makes sure the beneficiaries of the charity get their money, but considering he spends ten thousand to net ninety, he has little cause to begrudge the expense. Two thirds of the way through the book readers may feel their credulity begin to strain. Apart from his exploit with the Fenians, undertaken in his guise as the private detective, Klimo, all of Carne's thefts take place in the same social circle.

You'd think that eventually someone would notice that he was involved in all the occasions in which the thefts occurred. He was at the wedding that was robbed, he was on the board of the charity campaign, he had custody for several hours of the jewel case from which the diamond necklace was stolen, etc. The coincidences are too good to be true, but no one questions Carne, who no one had heard of until he showed up in England.

Perhaps England's high and mighty are simply too aghast at being robbed blind to inquire into this newcomer who is curiously present whenever a valuable piece of property disappears. Boothby's style is spare and economical.

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His is the kind of writing where in one paragraph you are told that the characters are going to take a train trip and then in the next paragraph they have reached their destination. There is no middle paragraph describing the train journey, which in another book might take several pages. It's very much tell, not show, in this respect. But when exposition is necessary Boothby provides it.

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I suspect this may have to do with the fact that this is more a collection of short stories than it is a singular novel. Carne wears a prosthetic that makes him appear to be a hunchback. He seems to wear this even in the privacy of his own home, removing it only when he needs to wear a different disguise to execute his schemes. You'd think Victorian high society would be less welcoming of someone which such an obvious deformity.

But Boothby does little with this, even to the extent of suggesting this is why no one suspects Carne. As for why his ailment is overlooked, Boothby offers a simple explanation: Carne is strikingly handsome. On their first meeting, Amberley describes Carne has having "one of the most beautiful countenances I have ever seen in my fellow men," one that is "as perfect as that of the bust of the Greek god, Hermes" 6. The incongruity between Carne's looks and intellect and his shape no doubt disarms many of those he meets.

He takes full advantage. I do wish Penguin, as they do in many of their Classics, had included some sort of scholarly apparatus beyond an introduction. Some obscure words could have used definitions, as are provided in other Penguin Classics. Without it, Simon Carne, reading his own adventures in this book, will have to steal a dictionary.

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Though given that he is a scholar in addition to being a gentleman thief, he probably wouldn't need it. Posted Sunday, September 20, Sep 03, Tony rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction-short-stories. Guy Boothby. Penguin recently released this collection of short stories by this Australian writer. Boothby was a very popular writer of short stories around the turn of the century, and published over fifty books before his early death.

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  8. This series of stories involve the exploits of gentleman thief Simon Carne. Gentlemen thieves were popular back then — much like Robin Hood a few centuries before — and brought out the writing skills of such writers as Ernest William Hornung Raffles and Grant Allen Colonel Clay. In all, these are good stories — typical of those that were found in popular magazines of the time.

    Simon Carne was a self-serving and pompous thief who reveled in the tricks and capers he was able to pull over the eyes of his Victorian victims. Light reading, but fun. Fabulous read.