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And who doesn't love to see a good drama full of humour? This book will give you both the things together.

The Girl Without a Phone - A Cinderella Story

It has a total of eight Natoks, all the important and famous ones. I think this book is out of print. So if you see this little gem in any bookshop, don't hesitate to buy it. January This book is the latest publication from Thema Many essays are similar to the previous books, mostly Pinjore Boshiya. But I bought it just for the sake of collecting all the books by Kalyani Dutta.

Here, Ratnabali Chattopadhyay wrote the introduction. Still some books by Kalyani Dutta are left to post, but I am saving them for some later time. Chhitmahal is a collection of miscellaneous writings by Kalyani Dutta. To have an idea about these writings, I attached the list of contents. She has an effortless and spontaneous writing style, which I find very difficult to master. Yet she provides important facts and details along with it.

The first essay 'Boi aar Boiwala' briefly touches upon the Bengali book market from College street to Hatibagan to Bhawanipur and various other pockets in this city. Whereas the last essay is on 'Basi Luchi' which is really interesting. Let's post another picture from Panjika. This one is a book illustration, from Lal Paltan by Surendramohan Bhattacharya. This one is also a woodcut. Published by P. Have you ever seen any old Bengali book advertisement?

Well this one is from a 20th century Panjika.

Hemlatar Gupta Katha by Hemchandra Bandopadhyay. Three illustrations are in Halftone The book is priced only 14 Annas Briefly describes the story line. Printed on high quality paper. Foreign binding. This book needs no introduction.

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For that cause Roy wrote 'Bangaleer Itihasher Kathamo' and delivered lectures at Parishad Mandir for three consecutive sessions. Jadunath Sarkar was the President of all these three sessions and asked Niharranjan Roy to turn this writing into a complete history of Bengal. Niharranjan Roy finally did it and Book Emporium first published it.

Means to denude oneself before the ghosts, something for which they greedily wait.


Written kisses don't reach their destination, rather they are drunk on the way by the ghosts. Such was his feelings for her that Kafka showed her his diaries and in doing so laid bare his heart and his conscience. Whenever I see this innocent face of Apu, automatically the background score of Pather Panchali starts playing in my head. Again not the original one. During it's golden jubilee, the North Calcutta Film Society, used the pamphlet and turned it into a new year card for the year Hence they wrote their name at the right margin.

It briefly tells the story and includes some scenes from the movie. In the third slide, all the important information are provided from director, music director, producers and the cast. Except that character all the other names are listed. Well this is not a pamphlet, but a card designed by Indrani Majumdar. She calls it 'a personal tribute to mark his Satyajit Ray seventy-fifth birth anniversary in Since it is impossible to encapsulate a talent so incredibly multifaceted, for that she made a limited attempt to include - his book covers, illustrations, portraits, sketches of his characters, the typefaces he introduced, his signature, the logos he made etc.

Only two logos are missing - one is that of Sahitya Academy and the second one is the logo of Patha Bhavan school. It combined analytical discussions on literature, science, geography, theory of knowledge, current topics, local history and theatre along with progressive political articles.

This particular book contains many such science articles which was published in Bharati, written by the members of the Thakur family - like Dwijendranath, Hemendranath, Jyotirindranath, Rabindranath, Swarnakumari Devi, Narendrabala Devi, Hironmoyee Devi, Sarala Devi, Balendranath Thakur and many more eminent personalities of the family. Not only just Bharati, it also brought forward those articles which appeared in the children magazine 'Balak'.

Mostly these writings are about general science and the aim was to make science comprehensible for all. It is an experience reading these articles as it provides a clear idea about the forward nature of the nineteenth century reading public. My parents almost got the entire collection in their wedding, except few which they bought later. But now things have changed, books are rarely considered as an ideal material gift for wedding. Even children these days don't like to receive Bengali books or just books in their birthday.

However, this particular one is the seventh volume containing the novels and it was published by West Bengal Government. This is quite unique, as government only publishes books which has become rare or totally out of print. But this series was published in and the publication was seen as a measure to counter the separatist feelings of the time.

They believed this can only be done through the works of Rabindranath only. I have seen many paintings by Rabindranath Thakur, but this one has a special place in my heart. But if you ask me why, I won't be able to give you a proper answer. Maybe because I find it different from most of his works.

Maybe some attachments are inexplicable in its own way. This painting has no name and Rabindranath Thakur signed it twice in Bengali. Can you spot the signature? This painting is from the collection of Rabindra Bhavana, c. Poster colour and waterproof ink on paper.

Turn Loose the Mermaid

Photo taken from the catalogue 'Chitralipi' third edition from Visva Bharati. The iconic train sequence as originally imagined by Satyajit Ray. This is a glimpse from Ray's Pather Panchali sketchbook. He used to take them to the producers and explain the sequences. The producers he approached, however, had no interest, nor could they understand the whole process. His images contain firm purpose and are aware of their widespread audience. And they manage to remain beautiful and eye-catching as pure art is supposed to do.

In the end, I've been looking for this book for a long time and it's been here Thanks bookfi Since it's Sunday, and I hope you have a little bit of spare time in your hands - so let's take picture of your Satyajit Ray books together and share it with pustakpustika. Then I will post them in the insta story. Show this man how much we respect him. You can either DM or post it in your own profile with pustakpustika.

Do you know? Many of Satyajit Ray's writings were first published in Sandesh magazine. One of his most famous stories for the magazine was 'Banku Babur Bondhu' - a Bengali science fiction story that he had written on and gained popularity among the Bengalis. Even it was included in Bengali school text book of West Bengal board for many years. Ray even introduced his famous characters Feluda and Professor Shonku in short stories he wrote for Sandesh. This photograph was taken at this year's bookfair at Salt lake.

The Children Pavilion was decorated with works of Satyajit Ray and it looked astonishing. He is either too busy making one, or too unhappy not to be able to make one, or too exhausted from the last one he made. Do you have any book or books that was an inseperable part of your childhood, but now you cannot even remember where it is? I used to love flipping through its pages full of beautiful water colour illustrations. As far as I can remember, this book is even older than me and was sleeping peacefully in a bookshelf for couple of years I guess or maybe more.

The moment the computer and internet came, it lost its importance. After all these years after a serious house cleaning effort, I found it again. When we used to have long summer vacations in school Mermaids And Mermen. Mythical Creatures. Fantasy Creatures.

Mermaid Fairy. Beautiful Mermaid.

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Turn Loose the Mermaid. Sea Creatures. Real Mermaids. Mermaids Exist. Mermaid Photos. Mermaid Photo Shoot. Mermaid Artwork.